Janice Rich House District 55

Colorado House of Representatives, House District 55 

Solid Experience You Can Count On.


A consistent, strong voice for Mesa County. 

My past experiences in the private sector, and my present experiences working in local government, have prepared me to take this next step — to represent you for House District 55, in our Colorado General Assembly.

I will defend our Western Colorado values and principles and bring our issues to the Colorado Legislature.

 The Capitol at times needs to be reminded that Mesa County matters, and we value the exceptional life we have here.  Just as I have done as your Mesa County elected official, I will not forget that I work to represent the people of Mesa County.  I will represent you for Colorado House District 55. 


8 yrs

Mesa County Treasurer

elected 2010

During Janice's first term, she implemented the "online" Tax Lien Sale which resulted in more than doubling participation with no increase in overhead. This resulted in a substantial savings to the budget. In her second term, Janice streamlined the office to work within a small budget. 


8 yrs

Mesa county Clerk & Recorder elected 2003-2010

Janice introduced Vote Centers giving the voters the choice to vote where they wished, plus implemented e-recording (paperless transactions) within the Recording Division. 


6 yrs

small business owner

Janice is a Certified Professional Legal Secretary. Prior to entering the workforce at Mesa County, Janice owned a secretarial and business support service, utilizing her 23 + years working for and with Mesa County attorneys and the Federal Courts. 



Janice's involvement in her community began in the early 1980's with an incredible mentorship from her former boss of more than 20 years, the late Jim Robb who served as Mesa County's State Representative from District 54.  Janice learned first hand how incredibly important consistent and steady leadership is for our community.   

Board Member For Collbran Job CORPS Community Relations


Former BOARD MEMBER of Marillac Clinic Board of Directors


Currently serves on the Legislative Committee for Colorado County TReasurers ASSOCIATION


Grand JUNCTION ARea Chamber of Commerce MEMBER


CAMPAIGN Manager for three term DISTRICT 55 Representative Gayle Berry





"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things."-

Ronald Reagan 



Vision For HD55

House District 55 includes Grand Junction, areas of the Redlands & Orchard Mesa.

I will represent Colorado House District 55 for you.   


-Assist with Economic Opportunities To Increase Our Quality Of Life

-Protect Western Slope Water

-Preserve Energy Development

-Work to Repair our Transportation Infrastructure

-Keep Government Out Of Our Lives As Much As Possible


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